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Cordtest Proudly Presents the CT100
Semi-Automatic Power Cord Tester

Introducing the NEW line of Semi-Automatic Power Cord testers from CORDTEST Manufacturing. Model CT100 offers a full range of testing parameters able to suite your production compliant UL/CSA needs. PLC control offers fast and accurate testing cycles while providing easy test parameters adjustments.

Model CT100 has three-conductor capability and comes complete with Continuity & Polarity verification. Hipot testing up to 5KV and Earth Bond testing to 30 amps on all three conductors. Skin test fixtures are standard for the detection of stray strands to the outer molding of a connector.

Automatic cut-off guarantees defects are destroyed. Operation indicators and audible alarm for all Pass/Fail conditions along with heated "T" stamp for Passed Tested good cords.

Standard Features include:

  • Low voltage DC for continuity / polarity verification
  • Up to 5kv AC hipot flash test across all conductors
  • Up to 5kv AC insulation skin on outer molded plugs
  • Automatic cut-off for defects
  • Automatic "t" stamp for all passed conditions
  • Plc controlled, user friendly testing
  • Photo-optic two hand start
  • Passed cord counter
  • Qc security override keyed switch
  • User manual and spare parts list
  • Cycle time 3-6 seconds depending on configuration
  • 1 year warranty on all components

Detailed Product Information

The following documents contained detailed information about the CT100 and the components it incorporates in its design. All documents are provided in PDF format.

Cordtest Manufacturers
CT100 Product Overview
CT100 Product Specifications
The Operator's Guide to Electrical Product Safety Testing

Associated Research, Inc.® (the CT100 incorporates components from this manufacturer)
HYAMPIII 3130 Ground Bond Tester Operation Manual
HYPOTIII 3605 Hipot Tester Operation Manual
HYPOTIII 3605 and HYAMPIII 3130 Product Overview
Associated Research, Inc.® Website

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